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Noah Picard
Hi there! I’m Noah.
I'm working to build kind systems.

What’s your name?
Great to meet you!
Let me tell you a little about what I make.
I build startups. »
I write poetry. »
I create digital art. »
I do other things too. »
(like photography.)
(like dance.)
(like music.)
(I have a blog.)
I believe in collective power. I care about community, justice, and the environment. Perhaps our passions might inform each other?
I want to know about you.
What lights your fire?
How do you read the world?
I would love to grab a cup of tea
and see what we can make together.

Oh and in case you’re interested you can find my resume here.
A few startups I’ve worked on.
I wrote a poem every day for the past year. 365 of them. Check out my poetry blog here.
Every genre of music, visualized
A short film in the multiverse
Good typography, explained
Games need to be art
Language as landscape
My undergrad honors thesis
A Spotify music recommender
A Myo app to teach movements
A web app for community sharing
Contact me »
I’m serious, let's get tea and chat!
Ping me and we'll find a time :)

Noah Picard
707 974 0145
A few digital art pieces I’ve made.
is an immigration assistant for asylum, work authorization and more. Formally provides guidance and translation for refugees applying for legal status. I am a founder and I lead our teach team. We're hiring :) Learn more »

is the Mac and Iphone app that lets you audiobook anything. Originally made for dyslexics, this application help you read faster through powerful text-to-speech and character recognition algorithms. I was a founding team member. Learn more »

was a chatbot providing sexual education and local resources, targeted for middle school refugees, who cannot get access to formal sex ed due to relocation and lack of funding. I was a founder. (CHIMEHACK 4 Social Good Award)
was an AI webdesigner that uses machine learning to analyze your content and generate beautiful, personalized websites for individuals and small businesses. I built it all myself.

Salazar Games
was a game-design company that made challenging arcade and puzzle games. I was the CEO, and lead a team of 8 game developers to build 20+ games with over 20,000 downloads. (STEM Challenge Finalists 2013)
Eliza Avidan
is an AI poet, who posts daily experimental poems to a blog. Eliza uses a variety of generative models for poem writing, including CFGs and Deep Learning. Explore »
is a pixelated, procedurally generated forest that only builds. Watch »

is a game about making games in a world filled with broken games. Play »
Heartbeat Ping
is an app for the Pebble Watch that lets users send heartbeats to each other. When tapped, the watch will send its BPM to the other, which will then vibrate at that speed. Watch the signals here »
is a poem/game that mimicks the experience of the digital as physical. Play »