Noah Picard

Hi there! I'm Noah.

I make things that make things. I want to build better lives for future generations. I believe humans and AI should collaborate and learn from one another.

Technology has given us the opportunity to revolutionize industry, economy, politics, and the way we treat our planet. By exploring novel solutions and learning from one other, we can build sustainable systems to improve everyone's quality of life. I intend to do exactly that.

My home is Frogsong, a Cohousing community in Cotati CA, where 30 families eat, play, and live together as a village. At age 10, I learned to program games on my friends old Windows ME. I studied Computer Science, Math, & Machine Learning at Brown University. Today, I'm CTO at Formally, and I build ML models at Nextdoor.

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Formally is an intuitive form filler for asylum, immigration and citizenship. Formally provides guidance and translation for refugees applying for legal status. (Hack@Brown 2018 Best Real World App, Brown Venture Prize First Place, LexLab Best Pitch, LexLab Most Ready for Funding, RBPC Semi-Finalist)
This was made using: Javascript, Node.js, React.js


Visuals and audio adapted to the user's heartrate via webcam and machine to encourage calm and de-stress. (See it here.)
This was made using: Python, Unity, C#


Madeliene is a chatbot providing sexual education and local resources, targeted for middle school refugees, who cannot get access to formal sex ed due to relocation and lack of funding. (CHIMEHACK 4 Social Good Award)
This was made using: Javascript, Node.js, Messenger API

Eliza Avidan

Eliza Avidan is an AI poet, who posts daily experimental poems to a blog. Eliza uses a variety of generative models for poem writing, including CFGs and Deep Learning.
This was made using: Python, Tensorflow, Tumblr API

Heartbeat Ping

Heartbeat Ping is an app for the Pebble Watch that lets users send heartbeats to each other. When tapped, the watch will send its BPM to the other, which will then vibrate at that speed. Watch the signals here.
This was made using: C, Javascript, Pebble Watch ADK

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Treble Clef

What's your hipster score? Treble Clef is a Spotify app that gives you recommendations and a "hipster score" of the uniqueness of your music library. Try it out here.
This was made using: Javascript, Node.js, Heroku, Spotify API

Book Butler

Tired of googling every book title? Meet your personal Book Butler. Book Butler turns book names into clickable links, so you can start reading that much faster.
This was made using: Javascript, Jquery, Amazon API


OurStory is an iOS app where you and your friends film/compile 10 second videos to make collaborative stories. (HackMIT Best Use of Parse API & 1517 Grant Recipient)
This was made using: Swift, Javascript, Parse API


Brewer is a block-based coding language designed for new programmers, running on the Java Spark framework.
This was made using: Java, Javascript, Jquery, Spark


UNeed is a web app providing sharing and borrowing services in local communities. (Hack@Brown Best Real World App)
This was made using: Javascript, Meteor, Google Maps API


Tensor is an iOS app integrated with the Myo armband allowing you to record and practice dance moves, and teach those moves virtually to your friends.
This was made using: Objective-C, Myo API

Drop The Fire

Drop The Fire is a music blog for those with eclectic tastes, contributed to by an odd assortment of music enthusiasts.
This was made using: HTML, CSS, Javascript


IT is a web-based collaborative riddle game, wherein you work with friends to solve riddles and journey
This was made using: HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript

The New King

The New King is a competitive platformer with jumping, firing blocks, plus 30+ other games for Salazar Games.
This was made using: C++, GameMaker

Work Experience

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Machine Learning Engineer Jul 2019 – Present


RDV Scholar / Software Eng Intern Jun – Aug 2018

Worked on Acquisition Team to improve user experience with AI generated websites. Redesigned theme selection, allowing users to preview generated versions of their site. Implemented mobile onboarding to customize experience for primary traffic source. Improved crowdsourcing system Orchestra to speed up workflows of designers and CSMs. A/B tested improvements to evaluate user impact.


KP Eng Fellow / Core Experience Intern May – Aug 2017

Worked on Web Core Experience team to implement website redesign. Launched site nationally/internationally and responded to user issues. Developed internal Neighborhood Operatives tools to investigate and resolve user conflict. Adapted delivery system for engagement emails on agency platform. Extended Anti Racial Profiling system for alerts and improved coverage.


Software Engineering Contractor July – Sept 2016

Developed content-focused new user emails while improving frameworks for selection algorithm testing. Wrote database crawler to convert system-specific new user signals to system-agnostic signals for entire user database.


Software Engineering Intern May – July 2016

Improved image displays for user suggestions in iOS photo-sharing app. Open-sourced the lightweight iOS database framework, LightBase. Transitioned through acquisition of Highlight by Pinterest.

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Brown UPOD Lab

Researcher Jan 2015 – May 2016

Investigated Embedded Home Systems
Conducted studies on the integration of IoT technology into common households, while developing interfaces for user communication with home systems, to affect temperature, lighting, alarm systems, and appliances. Published in CHI 2016 and ACM.

Enphase Energy

Software Embedded Intern Jun – Aug 2015

Built Interfaces for Manipulating Microinverters
Developed software and user interfaces loaded onto the Envoy system, now used by testing groups and installers to intuitively change micro-inverter settings. Restructured geo-profile information and coded an updating tool for said profiles.

Picard Web Design

Freelance Web Designer Dec 2013 – Jul 2015

Developed Informative company Websites
Designed and built company websites for Everett Solutions International Executive Search, Nancy Lundy Doula Services, and Heather Picard (Life Coach). Mentored by graphic designer Daya Ceglia. Developed SFMA diagnostic app for Performance Physical Therapy, RI.

Brown University CS

Software Designer Dec 2014 – Jan 2015

Enabled Teaching of IOT Software
Collaborated with peers to construct integrated Spark Core models in Pyret, used to virtually test Internet of Things software in Computer Science classes.

Remote Sensing Systems

Software Engineering Intern Jun – Aug 2014

Processed Meteorilogical Satellite Data
Programmed software to retrieve and analyze meteorological data from satellite instruments, IR devices, buoys and predictive models, used by NASA, NOAA, and the scientific community. Applied experimental Gaussian fitting to help calibrate geostationary satellites.

Salazar Games

CEO / Lead Designer Oct 2011 – Aug 2014

Directed a game design company
Founded Salazar Games. Spearheaded projects with 8 game designers to build entertaining, educational games. Programmed, now with over 6000 downloads of 20+ games. (STEM Challenge Finalists 2013)

Investors Circle & VitalLink

Research Partner May – Aug 2010

Researched Markets For Developing Products
Collected data for competitor analysis and transferred site data for investment networking. Researched competitors for technology use in elder care.


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Brown University

Sc. M Comp Sci (ML) 2018 – 2019

GPA: 4.0

Courses Taken:
  • Computer Science
    • Deep Learning
    • Learning with Limited Labeled Data
    • Computational Semantics
    • Probabilistic Methods
    • Advanced Algorithms
    • Prescriptive Analytics

Brown University

Sc. B Comp Sci/ Math 2014 – 2018

Honors - Magna Cum Laude - Phi Beta Kappa

Courses Taken:
  • Computer Science
    • Accelerated Intro to Comp Sci
    • Software Engineering
    • Computer Systems
    • Logic for Systems
    • Models of Computation
    • Probability and Computing
    • Data Science
    • Design/Analysis of Algorithms
    • User Interface and User Experience
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Computer Vision
    • Learning and Sequential Decision Making
    • Distributed Computer Systems
  • Math
    • Abstract Algebra
    • Topics in Abstract Algebra
    • Cryptography
    • Number Theory
    • Complex Analysis
  • Other
    • Human Dev/Education
    • Energy Resources
    • Anthropology of Disasters
    • Cave Writing
    • Modern Architecture
    • Advanced Poetry
    • Digital Media
    • Advanced Digital Language Arts
    • Dance Composition
    • Planning Sustainable Cities
    • Writers on Writing
    • Dance Style
    • Typography for Nonmajors (RISD Course)
    • Emotional Intelligence Leadership
    • Persuasive Communication

Sonoma State University

Studied Comp Sci/ Math 2012 – 2014

Courses Taken:
  • Computer Science
    • Artificial Intelligence
  • Math
    • Differential Equations & Linear Algebra
    • Differential Equations II
    • Intro to Higher Mathematics
    • Number Theory
  • Other
    • Physics of Music

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